Lab News

Lab News


Feb. 2013, the graduate student, Josh Barry, is invited to give a talk at NIH. Turning Scientific Awesomeness into Health! His host is Dr. Cai, a senior investigator at NIH. 

Dec. 2012, the undergrad student, Tomas Guerrero, has already received an acceptance offer from Penn State Medical School. More to come. Congratulations! The future neurology physician!

Oct. 2012, Peter was awarded with a Keystone Symposia Scholarship and OSU Ray Travel Award to present his data in the upcoming Keystone meeting on Multiple Sclerosis, Jan 11-16, 2013, Big Sky, Montana. Congratulations! 

Aug. 2012, Josh's review paper published online in The Neuroscientist. Congratulations!

July, 2012, Asa and Peter's protocol paper on hippocampal myelin coculture in press in Nature Protocols. Congratulations!

April, 2012, Peter's paper on Kv channel alterations in the EAE progression published in Neurobiology of Disease. Congratulations!

Jan. 2012, Yuanzheng's paper on Kv3 targeting regulating action potential firing rate published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Congratulations!

July, 2011, our new paper on Kv1 channel targeting in myelinated hippocampal axons published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry

July, 2011, Asa, a NGSP graduate student joined the lab. Welcome!

May. 2011, our review paper published in Progress in Neurobiology

Nov. 2010, Mingxuan's paper on Kv3 transport by KIF5 motors published in the Journal of Neuroscience. Congratulations!

Nov. 2010, Josh's paper on L1CAM in axonal and dendritic bundling published in the European Journal of Neuroscience. Congratulations!

Aug. 2010, Yuanzheng's paper on Kv1 axonal transport is published in PLoS One

Jan. 2010, Peter, an IBGP graduate student, joined the lab. Welcome!

Feb. 2009, the lab received the first 5-year NIH R01 grant.

May 2008, Josh, a MCDB graduate student joined the lab. Welcome!

Nov. 2007, a new paper about Kv3 axon/dendrite targeting published in the Journal of Neuroscience

April 2007, Yuanzheng, a new postdoc, joined the lab. Welcome!

Dec. 2006, a new paper on EB1's role in Kv1 channel axonal targeting published in Neuron

Mar. 2006, Mingxuan, a new postdoc from Chinese Academy of Science, joined the lab. Welcome!

Jan. 2006, our new lab started at the Ohio State University